Startup ideas in India

Startup ideas In India – 3 ways to kick start your entrepreneurial journey

A few days back I was wondering why most of us don’t start our entrepreneurial journey. What makes us wait for months or years to take the plunge? Well, there are quite a few factors; lack of funds, experience, guts, mentor, co-founder, et al. But after talking to some individuals, I realized that most of them are awaiting a breakthrough; a life-changing idea. My question, however, is do we lack good startup ideas in India? No. We don’t. Then why are people still awaiting an idea to kick-start their entrepreneurial journey? Here’s why.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, it’s difficult to crack the most unique idea. And a unique idea is no more a guarantee for a successful startup. The real reason is that the word “Idea” is highly over-rated. People think that one great idea will change their life. It does happen, but to a limited few. For everyone else, awaiting an idea is just a way to convince themselves that they are actually working on something worthwhile, and this wait is justified. In simple words, it’s a big plain lie that we surround ourselves with. And this blog is specifically for those who are still waiting…

I’m going to share 3 decently unique ideas. These can be termed as startup ideas in India. Am sure this might ring some bells in your head. And you’d have questions. Why am I sharing these ideas? What if someone steals them? If these startup ideas in India are really good, why am I not using them? Well, I’ll answer all these questions. But before that let’s look at these three ideas:

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Here are a few ideas you can use to kick start your entrepreneurial journey. At the end of the day idea is important… but without execution, nothing moves.

Gifting Portal:

Technology startups in India are the flavor of the season. This one would be technology meets logistics. But I know that your first reaction to this idea would be, “Bullshit! There are already so many gifting websites that are the perfect startup ideas in India. So, this one’s crap.” I do agree with this thought but partially. Yes there are a lot of gifting websites. But I’ve not come across a website that’s only for Men! And why would I want to cut down my customers and target only men, despite the fact that women do a lot more online shopping? It’s simple. The website will cater to men. But the gifts will be for women. We all men have a bad habit of forgetting some important dates. And we mess up gifts on anniversary, birthdays, et al. So on this portal, you can choose one of the three packages depending on your budget. The payment would be made in advance. The next step would be to fill up a simple questionnaire that would help the gifting team choose a gift that suits your lady love’s personality & taste. And you can pre-select dates of your marriage, wife’s birthday, etc., and the portal will make sure that a good gift, as per your chosen package, is delivered to your lady love. There will be no branding of the boys who deliver. So, you’ll not even be termed lazy, unromantic, or disinterested. In fact, you’ll be appreciated. And this is the biggest appreciation a man would want. You’ll obviously have to do more research to understand how you can make this idea a lot more interesting.

Junk Collection:

Some startups ideas in India are pretty interesting. We’ve streamlined a lot of unorganized sectors. And it’s been doing great. From laundry to domestic help, everything is slowly becoming a lot more professional. In fact, some such startups have managed to earn the “Social Startup” tag as well. So, you’re not just making money and solving a problem, you’re also making a very positive impact on the society. Isn’t that a great thing to do? So, here’s another option to create an interesting startup idea in India. We are all aware of the good old Raddi-Walas. Aren’t we? But over the years, we’ve not been seeing them much. Our parent’s were fans of the traditional Raddi-Walas. They would not just collect all the waste they’d even pay us in return. What if we organize this sector? How about waste collection on call? Apparently, Raddi-Walas make decent money by selling all the waste papers, books, magazines, etc., back to the paper industries. So, there’s certainly a revenue-model there. And all this is not just limited to paper, you can move ahead to metal and other products too. With the size of apartments decreasing with time, would be ready to even pay a nominal fee to clear the junk off their house. So, you can certainly work around a model. Start small, get some experience, and slowly scale up. Connect this with technology and get a website in place. You can even get innovative with this, and add more services as well.

App Teacher:

With the rapid technological advancement, a generation has been unable to catch up with things. There are those who admire the fact that so many things can be done with a click today. They also want to be a part of this revolution, and integrate technology in their lives. But somehow, there’s this fear of going wrong. This is specifically the previous generation. Can we not have an app that just brings all their answers in one single place? It can have categories ranging from Banking & Groceries to Entertainment & General, from Tourism to Cabs. This will give step-by-step information on how to make basic use of various apps and website used for Ticketing, Food ordering, etc. It could sound strange that in today’s world why would someone need this assistance. But if we talk to some people from the previous generation, they’d be ready to pay for this service. A multi-lingual call-center support will be the icing on the cake. So, there are problem areas that we can look for in our day-to-day lives. So, of the biggest companies have come into existence to solve these basic day-to-day problems.

Is there a lack of startup ideas in India?

Well, these are just some broad startup ideas in India. I have not executed any of these because I’ve got enough on my plate already. I run three companies. And all my time goes in that. I can’t possibly execute all the ideas in the world. But I can at least use a few of them to ring a loud alarm in the ears of those who think that their wait is justified because they don’t have the “Perfect” idea. Most importantly, I think that it’s not the idea that should take the centre stage; it’s the execution. An idea is just a part of business. How you execute the idea is what differentiates you from others. There are so many examples of great businesses that are not unique in terms of broad ideas. But it’s the execution that has made them a brand to reckon with. Unfortunately, execution is a very under-rated term. The game is all about execution, and we end up investing all our time awaiting one “so-called” brilliant idea.

My goal with this blog is just to help you understand whether awaiting good startup ideas in India is a genuine reason for you to not take the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship. Or is it a way to justify your endless wait? Whatever your reason, I think it’s time to read my book, STFU-Start the F Up!

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22 thoughts on “Startup ideas In India – 3 ways to kick start your entrepreneurial journey”

  1. Love the quirkiness in your thought process…and inspite of that you are able to structure your thoughts..Thumbs up!!!!!

    wating for more!!!

  2. Wow!!! thanks a lot i have been looking for something like this… Every single idea is good. And the fact that the real value is not in the idea but in the execution is a superb thought.

    1. Hi Kainaat,
      Well, you can never be fully experienced in entrepreneurship. Everyday is a learning even for the super-successful entrepreneurs. And funds is the last thing you need to start a business. All you need is a decent idea, and unmatched determination to pull it off. Try to attempt something small, and learn & improvise as you move ahead. Entrepreneurship is the great gift you can give yourself. But it’s also the biggest challenge you can take up. Just keep working hard & try working on something you’re truly passionate about. Am sure you’ll meet success one day.

      You can go through my other blogs & check out my book for more information. 🙂

  3. Hi,

    Really enlighten & open up way forward.

    One thought in my mind about laundry with Automated ironing machine as Mechanical engineer.

    Pl share any help in this perspective.


    1. Hi Amit,
      That’s certainly a good gap you’ve identified. I think you should give it a shot. I’m inexperienced in that domain. But from a customer stand-point, it’s a service I’ll be willing to pay for. All the best. 🙂

  4. Hi…good to read your blog…its really directive.
    I want a help… what i hae to do after i get an innovative idea…
    I am a sales person, got an idea related to electronics and communication,dont know how to go about it,what to do next, how to get a patent, shall my idea go in vein?
    Pls guide.

    1. Hi Saurabh,
      Am glad to know that you liked the blog. The first think you can consider doing is put your plan on a single piece of paper. Answer a few simple questions like the following:

      Define your business in two single sentence?
      What is the core purpose for your to start this business?
      Who is your audience?
      Will people pay for the service or product?
      How much money you need to kick start?

      I think these questions will help you streamline your thoughts. Once you do this, consider patenting. It depends on your budget though.

      Hop ethis will help you move ahead. Let’s stay in touch.

      All the best. 🙂


  5. Hi Rajive,

    I need you advise on few of my concern :

    I did hotel mgt & then also i did my masters in Tourism so my major area where i can start something its related to food & beverage only,as I AM KEEN TO KNOW HOW ABOUT STARTING FOR FOOD TRUCK BUSINESS.. very much common in European Country. ( now major challenge is though i know how to cook food but my area of expertise with hotel was in Front office deptt.) 2nd

    I have thought of to launch a website who will help gay people to connect with them ( idea is to create a portal where people could meet… like,)……….. but again major constraint is i do not have knowledge in the filed of IT, how it gonna be profitable to me……..or us, if this workout.

    looking forward for your suggestion

    Thxx in adv.


    1. Hi Vikrant,
      Thank you for writing to me. Well, entrepreneurship is a tricky subject. You don’t necessarily have to be a good cook to be able to run a food business. In fact, cooking is the last thing you’d have to do. It’s more about managing the business, fixing the issues, having a clear vision, meet challenges, and hundreds of other things. However, having knowledge about your subject is necessary. The idea of food truck business is good. It’s finding it’s space in our country too. In fact, I also liked the idea of connecting the LGBT community. I think that’s a great idea as well.

      However, what really matters is which concept are you highly passionate about? Because all this excitement will soon fizzle out. The only thing that will drive you later is unmatched passion. So, make your choice accordingly, and move ahead. Believe in yourself.

      All the best. 🙂


  6. Hi rajive
    whenevr i thought of doing a startup the established good old techies remind me to go for job remind me there are big players doing well making me faint with their words just this is not unique idea just shut up like that mentality…and u r article and ur experience as a startup together gave me a confidence what i thought is not bad but the one who adviced me !… thanks all the way

    1. Hi Balaji,
      I understand your situation. Most startup leaders face these issues. Unfortunately, people have a lot of time to demotivate and criticize others. But they don’t try to support & encourage people. But as leaders, we must be strong and keep moving ahead. Am glad you liked my blog. Please do come back for more stuff coming up soon. And never ever ever give up. Stay positive. You’re welcome.

      All the best. 🙂


  7. HI Rajive Sir,
    First of all, I would like to thank you for sharing Ideas and keep sharing the same. After reading your blog, I realize that I can write blog on specific topic which will help others.
    Thank you. Pls share your thought on this.

    Warm Regards,
    Amit Shevade

    1. Hi Amit,
      Am glad to know that you liked the ideas. I shall continue to share a lot more stuff in the future. Well, writing a blog is a great exercise. Please go ahead and write your blog. If you need any assistance from my end, please email it to me on

      All the best. 🙂


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